Topanga Film Festival 2014 - Katie Dalsemer Photography

Mark Kirkland (5th from left) and some of the cast from his silent film, The Moving Picture Co 1914

After the screening of his film Mark Kirkland discussed the film which not only featured the 1915 camera to the left of the stage as a prop, but some of it was actually shot with it.

Kirkland who's directed over 80 episodes of The Simpsons among other feats is a collector of antique film cameras. That along with the influence of his famous photographer Douglas Kirkland and a few meetings with the legendary Hal Roach resulted in this labor of love.

The comedy follows the exploits of a young ingenue trying to beak into the film business and the cranky boss and wacky crew who wreak havoc on various sets at a film studio.

From falling walls to all-out brawls anything that could go wrong did go wrong.

And the award for best cameo appearance goes to...(Drum Roll Please.) Weird Al Yankovic as Jesus at the Last Supper.